Linux Mint 11 “Katya” RC

Katya Desktop

The initial desktop from the Live CD / DVD

Yesterday I downloaded the release candidate for Linux Mint 11. I was quite impressed with it. The new theme looks good, although they have removed the start up dots after the grub boot screen so the wife wondered what had happened when she started up her netbook.

The wife’s netbook was the guinea-pig machine which prior to the upgrade was running Linux Mint 9 “Isadora” which she was using without any problems. I installed it after after messing around with the DVD edition on a thumb drive. I actually went and installed unity-2d on it, so for my desktop I get the good old mint menu and classic desktop but for her she gets the unity shell. Which despite the many negative comments seems to be quite easy to use and will certainly suit her.

For further details on the release candidate version of of Linux Mint 11 visit

I will post a more detailed over view shortly, as I’m going to upgrade my son’s desktop from Linux Mint 10 to Linux Mint 11

For me I’ll be hanging on to my installation of Linux Mint Debian Edition, although I wouldn’t mind getting Unity installed as it looks interesting and is certainly a new way of doing things, is this the way forward I do not know, but i’d like to find out without having to install Ubuntu!



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