Reset Default Keyring Password

Every time I change my log in password in Linux I then get an issue with the keyring manager asking for the password which is usually set to the log in password. So rather than use unsafe storage where no password is set I reset the keyring manager password to match my log in password. to do this I do the following steps:


  • Select Passwords and Encryption keys from the Preferences menu (under Debian and Ubuntu it’s located under system->Preferences.
  • Open up a terminal and run seahorse.
  • You may have to install seahorse. For Debian based distributions from the command prompt type: (or choose it from the Package Manager / Synaptic)


sudo apt-get install seahorse

for RPM based distributions I expect you would use:

yum install seahorse

Note: I haven’t used an RPM based distribution for a long time, as I got fed up with rpm dependency hell, I know things have improved greatly but I just don’t feel like changing back at the moment. Please let me know if the above is incorrect.


  • Within seahorse navigate to the passwords tab.
  • Right click on the listed option passwords:login.
  • Select Change Password from the menu that has appeared.
  • Enter the old password in the Old Password text box.
  • Enter the new password in the password box.
  • Confirm the new password in the Confirm box.
  • Close seahorse.
  • Close the terminal window if you’d opened one




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