Temporary Fix for Skype Problem with Skype 2.2 with Linux Mint 11 “Katya” [Updated]


With a bit more time and less people chasing me, I found the answer from skype was to delete the shared.xml file in the .Skype folder located in the users home directory, although I informed one user to simply delete the .Skype folder. However the following steps may be useful.


With the global Skype problem that occurred on 26th May 2011. That seemed to affected users with the latest versions of Skype. I had two installations of Skype not working as they were running Skype version I was able to get one of the installations back on line by downgrading the version of skype to version that was in the Linux Mint 10 “Julia” Repositories.

If you are experiencing similar problems the following steps may help:

    1. Open up “Package Manager”
    2. In the quick filter type in Skype, this will filter the list to show only entries with Skype.
    3. Right click on Skype.
    4. Select Mark for Complete Removal From the List
    5. Click Apply on the Toolbar above to start the removal
    6. Close “Package Manager”
    7. Download Skype from the following location


  1. On the desktop click on the Home icon
  2. Navigate to the Downloads folder or where ever your web browser is configured to save files (Typically this is the Downloads folder)
  3. Right click on the file skype_2.1.0.81-1_i386.deb
  4. Select Open using using “GDebi Installer” from the popup menu.
  5. GDebi will show a warning about a newer version being available from the software channel, do not worry about this click on “Install”

The following steps are required to lock the version of skype so the next update does not overwrite the version we have just installed.

  1. Open up package manager again
  2. In the Quick Filter box search for Skype
  3. Select Skype
  4. From the menu bar at the top select Package
  5. Select “Lock Version” from the menu
  6. Exit from “Package Manager”

This is a temporary solution until there is an update, the strange thing is one of the installations is working fine now on 2.2 however the other installation is not, hence the need for this temporary fix. The strangest thing was this morning one of the installations started working without problems with version 2.2 but the other installation I had to instruct them to perform the above steps. So I am hoping that this issue will be resolved soon.

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