Black Screen when Starting Linux Mint 11

Don’t Panic
It was decided that Linux Mint 11 would not display a boot splash screen during startup due to the problems with Plymouth and proprietary drivers which resulted in inconsistency. If you do not see anything whilst the computer is booting up, take a look at the disk activity indicator this should show that Linux Mint  11 is indeed starting up. If however you do not see anything then try booting using the recovery option if you have already installed, if you are booting from the Linux Mint 11 Live disk then try selecting the “Check the integrity of the DVD” option and check the disk, this may be the cause or worst case then your hardware is not compatible with Linux this is highly unlikely though.

There are several methods detailed to get a boot screen working but on my hardware I could not get the boot screen to work, this may well be due to me running Linux Mint 11 in a virtual machine as a guest under Linux Mint Debian Edition. So I have not included the instructions for now until I see them working.

2 thoughts on “Black Screen when Starting Linux Mint 11

  1. Well, yes, I understand that the black screen is a ‘feature.’ But AFTER the black screen I get a totally white screen (no mouse pointer, no nothing) and a totally unresponsive computer. First time any version of Linux has given a problem on this laptop (Lenovo 300 n100). Personally I think Mint 12 looks broken on release.

    • Thanks for the feedback, there have been some comments regarding Ubuntu and the problem you are having, Does your Lenovo Laptop have a NVidia graphics card? And are you using the NVidia graphics? If so then it appears to to be a problem with the graphics driver. You will need to downgrade the graphics driver. Which is a kludge I admit but the problem seems to stem from Ubuntu / NVidia.

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