Converting CDs for upload to Ipod with Rythmnbox.

A friend recently asked me for help with writing some instructions for him detailing how to convert his CDs so that he could play them on his new Ipod Classic. He is running Linux Mint 9 “Isadora” and doesn’t have Banshee installed so I wrote the following instructions for him using Rythmbox.


  • The first time you do this you will need to change a preference to save the file in the format that the ipod accepts, this can be either mp3 or the apple m4a format. m4a will provide a better quality sound.
  • Click on Edit from the menu at the top window
  • Then select Preferences
  • Along the top will appear several tabs labelled. General, Playback, Music, Podcasts
  • Select the music tab and the screen will change to the following.

    Rythmbox Music Tab

    Rythmbox Music Tab


  • Where it says Preferred format click on the arrow at the right hand side and a list will appear ¬†showing the available formats for use on the ipod, click on CD Quality, AAC (m4a type) – this will set the file format for all future rips it into the file format used by the ipod.

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