Updated: How to stop being asked to unlock the default keyring upon login


I tried the following on Ubuntu 12.04 having reverted from Arch Linux however it did not work as there was no option to rename the keyring so I was left to do what thevaliantx suggested in a comment on this thread and that was to delete the keyring. Upon logging in again I was asked for a password for the new keyring called default. The downside to this was that I lost the logon details for several sites that I use. However chromium stores them elsewhere so it’s not a problem for me so far.

It is quite frustrating when you have installed a new Linux Mint or even other distributions to be asked to unlock the default keyring upon login. This is a typical result of setting a password on the keyring when you set up wireless network details as part of the installation process, it appears this file is copied across to your new installation.

If you do not set a password and use the unsafe storage option then you will not suffer this problem but all your wireless passwords are being stored in an unlocked file. The way to solve this problem is to perform the following steps, be aware that performing these steps will mean that any stored passwords or encryption keys stored in the Default Keyring will be lost.

  • Start seahorse from the shell in a terminal or select Passwords or Encryption keys from the menu.
  • There will be a folder labeled “Passwords: login” select this folder
  • Click on the folder using the right hand mouse button and select “Set as default” from the context menu,
  • Now select the “Passwords: default” folder and click on it using the right hand mouse button and select “Delete” from the context menu. Confirm the deletion.
  • Exit the program

This will now cause all passwords or network encryption keys to be stored in the login keyring. You will not be asked to do anything else until you change you login password. See the previous blog entry we have written to reset the password on the keyring.


One thought on “Updated: How to stop being asked to unlock the default keyring upon login

  1. How about just suggesting that users right-click on Passwords:login and click delete? What’s the point of changing the label from Passwords:login to Passwords:default when you’re going to delete the contents only to have it return to Passwords:login???

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