A Complaint about some open source projects

I’ve actually got a complaint about some open source projects!
Recently I’ve been using flickr as I don’t want to worry about losing photos in the event of a hard disk failure such as the one that recently happened. So I decided to sign up for a pro account as I could see myself using up the 300Mb upload capacity for a month whilst in the process of getting the pictures off of my hard disk.
So I went to the flickr site and found some recommendations for tools for Linux and installed them to try them out. I also looked in my LMDE repository.

So I installed the following

  1. Desktop Flickr Organiser
  2. Flickrfs
  3. kflickr (tarball version as it is not in the Debian Repository
  4. Digikam
  5. Flickr Uploader
  6. jUploadr

I failed to get 3 of these to work, the one that works the best is jUploadr. It works fine, but I was really interested in flickrfs but it was last updated in 2007 and is not compatible with the latest versions of python it seems to be stuck with version 2.4. On the google code site and sourceforge the owner seemed to be recommending people to use his Desktop Flickr Organiser and didn’t seem to be interested in updating the software, which is a shame as having flickr as a fuse mounted file system would have been really useful. I am stuck where it can create tag and set folders with information but the stream for some reason isn’t created automatically the user must create the stream folder. However if I do that then fuse refuses to mount the file system stating that it needs the nonempty
option but there is no option to do this in flickrfs.

So I thought OK I’ll write off flickrfs off for now until my python skills improve then take another look, so I went to the Desktop Flickr Organiser or dfo as it is known. However I have a problem in that the program starts to count the number of pictures I have on flickr then for some reason goes back to zero and then starts counting to 100. When it reaches 100 it goes back to 0 and starts all over again.
What is frustrating is that the google code page says this at the top:

NOTE: This project is no longer under active development, please contact the administrator if you’re interested in taking it over.

This author has created two useful projects and then seems to have dumped them, which I can kind of understand as work or other commitments probably interfere with maintaining what seems to be two popular projects. But simply to seem to have abandoned them without finding others to take over is poor. Especially as both of these are in Debian repositories. But the debian team should possibly look at these and take them out as they seem to be technically dead in the water. for flickrfs the last time anyone posted on there until my post was December last year and that was to ask if the project was still alive.

This is only a recent example of dead projects that are in the repositories some cruft cleaning would be useful. So now I’m going to dig out the old Linux Format coding project for a flickr uploader and learn how to write one myself in python. Hopefully then I’ll take a look and fix the flickrfs problem and fix that. But it’s going to take a while due to my complete lack of time to do anything these days.

I had problems with kflickr also that I couldn’t fix with compiling it, but I see it’s in the Ubuntu ppa repositories so I will take a risk and see if it will work as mixing Ubuntu and Debian is not advised. As a fallback I’ve still got jUploader and I’ve installed the windows Flickr Uploadr under Play On Linux.
But I really would like to simply use copy and paste to upload.

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