Archive Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 on Date Received, not Date Modified

After being frustrated with the way Outlook 2010 archives e-mail and other items, based on the last modification date, the problem came to a head today when I needed to archive my e-mail as my mailbox had expanded to 1.9Gb I hadn’t archived for a while. So I went to the cleanup tools in Outlook 2010 and started to archive but nothing happened. So I tried again and nothing happened, it turned out that something changed all my e-mail modification dates to the 8/12/11 so my archive procedure of archiving into separate months was not working as planned. I finally found a solution to the problem to this whilst trying to find a VBA script to set the modification date to the receipt date. Here are the steps

Click on view and request hotfix downloads on the following pages

For Outlook 2007 visit this page: and for Outlook 2010 visit this page:

You will need to provide your e-mail address and they will e-mail you the download link. It turned out that my computer already had the hotfix installed as I keep mine up to date with the windows update service

Once you have downloaded and installed the hotfix you will need to open the registry editor and add the following value into the registry

DWORD Value: ArchiveIgnoreLastModifiedTime
Value data: 1

This will now make outlook archive on the following e-mail archives on date received, calendar on the date of the appointment, note is archived on the last modified date and time whilst the journal is archived on the date the journal entry was made.

I found this on the Outlook Tips website at

Many thanks to them for posting this information it saved me from manually moving the e-mails


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