Linux Mint 12 – Lisa

I’ve recently installed the new Linux Mint 12 on my sons computer, I’m very impressed with it especially with MATE which is a replacement for Gnome 2.30. It appears to work very well. Also the Mint alterations to the Gnome 3 Shell are very good too. It is a solid edition and worth while installing. I did a fresh install onto a new computer and copied over the essential files from his previous computer. I set the file system for the home partition to be btrfs and it has caused no problems at all. Although loading the data from the hard disk when starting a game of Warcraft seems to be slow, but this could well be the fact that the hardware is about 4 years old now.

The only problem I’ve had on both his and on my LMDE computer is that the top panel quite often doesn’t disappear when playing a game full screen under wine. So currently my son is using LXDE to solve the issue, especially as he is a Warcraft fan and not being able to see how much you have in resources is a pain. Often involving several restarts, however LXDE seems to fix this problem. I don’t know why this happens under Gnome 3.

Linux Mint 12 can be downloaded from


I will post a fuller posting shortly.

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