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I’ve been using Arch Linux for a couple of weeks now and really like it. I keep finding things and the latest is yaourt.
Until now I’ve been download loading packages from the Arch Linux User Repository, saving them to a folder called builds and then running makepkg -s to build the package for use with pacman.
However on several posts people mentioned the yaourt package which is supposed to make installing these User Repository packages much simpler. Yaourt is a front end for pacman but has a lot more features, especially when dealing with the Arch User Repository.
To get it I needed the archlinuxfr repository. Which I had already added for another package I’d previously downloaded. Once it was installed it was really simple to use. It not only works on the user repository but on the other official repositories too. The syntax was the same as pacman. And removed the need to download the package, run makepkg and pacman -U. Very simple indeed. It is not an official arch linux script but deserves to be.

To install a package you can use:
$ yaourt packagename
You don’t need to put sudo before the command. However I tend to type
$ yaourt -S packagename
so I don’t get confused too much. The great thing is it will upgrade all the the packages my system including the packages in the user repository too if you type:
yaourt -Syua
It saves a great deal of time when you have many unofficial programs from the user repository. I seem to have accumulated a few unofficial packages in my attempt to get all the software I used regularly on Linux Mint

Full details can be found on the arch linux wiki page

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