Nokia S60 Series R3 Phones – Reset Music Player Database

I have a Nokia E5 and I really like it, however a while ago I reset all my Tags for my music files on my phone but the music player was still picking up the old tags. So looked around and found the following thread on the nokia users forum

Basically you simply need to do the following steps

  • Connect your phone to a PC via USB.
  • Choose Mass Storage. Do not select PC Suite because you won’t be able to browse protected folders in PC Suite mode. (Or just take the memory card out and put in a card reader)
  • Open Windows Explorer on your PC.
  • Go to \private\101FFC31 on the phone’s folder.
  • There, you should be able to find the mpxv1.mpd (for MP3) and pcv5.mpd (for AUDIO PODCAST)
  • Goto \private\101f8857\Cache
  • Goto \private\101ffca9

In all the 3 folders delete all the files Not the FOLDER

That’s it. The poster said that it works on his Nokia N95. So I am taking that it will work on all S60 R3 Phones. I’ll give it a try on my Nokia E63 once I’ve un-bricked it.

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