Linux Mint 13 “Maya” Released

Yesterday the Linux Mint team have released linux mint 13, this offers a divergence from normal in that the main release is available as two editions MATE which is a fork of the Gnome 2 desktop environment and Cinnamon which provides the look and feel of the usual linux mint desktop but allows it to work under Gnome 3. It is also a long term support edition. So will be supported until April 2017.

Linux Mint is a great distribution and very well supported by an active and friendly community. The development team have put together a good looking and professional desktop environment and is thoroughly worth trying out. You can run it as a live distribution from a CD or USB key.

I will be looking at installing the MATE edition on my friends computer which is about 8 years old now but the previous version of Linux mint is not supported. So I will need to upgrade it.

For more information and downloads visit the Linux Mint site here


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