Move from Arch to Ubuntu

A while ago I removed Arch Linux which I did enjoy using but it went through a period where one of the repositories i used stopped working. I tried reinstalling the OS from scratch which I did as an opportunity to remove a load of junk off my system. But it still didn’t work.
So I sat down and analyzed what i mainly use my computer for.
And decided that Ubuntu was the best option. I’ve reached a point where i have got fed up with fixing things and would quite like to just use a computer system to do what i need to do. Old age I suppose, I remember when I used to enjoy fixing things.

I have set cinnamon as my desktop environment though and not unity. I like cinnamon a great deal it does what i want and allows me to work the way I’ve been doing since the days of Windows 95.

UPDATE: I am now on 12.10 it’s OK but it and 12.04 keep showing messages saying something has crashed and would I like to report it. I wouldn’t mind doing that but first I have to enter my password and then another message box appears. It seems a lot to report a bug. I wish they could make it easier to report a bug. So now I find myself clicking cancel which is not good. If everyone did that then there would be no improvements to software, it’s just that I’m always in a rush when these messages appear.

The other problem is that wine seems to have issues under Ubuntu. Something has been broken, anyway adding the wine repository updating and running PlayOnLinux and using their Wine Versions solves most problems.



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