Recently I’ve decided I should be using Evernote more I’ve had a premium subscription for a couple of years now but not really using it much.
So I settled down and started a mammoth talk of moving pretty much everything from my documents folder and uploading it to Evernote, tagging and filing as I went.  I had That took several months but I got there in the end. Now it’s a case of using it at every opportunity.
I’ve found a great use for it as a survey form. I’m setting a form up right now that I’ll be able to complete on a tablet and then copy into word.
As Evernote can export a note as an html page I can import it into word and make the formatting suitable for a printed page. For my colleagues who don’t have Evernote or tablets.

Evernote is a great program that makes life easier. The trick is to use it as part of daily work out routine. I’m only just starting down that route after using it for a couple of years as a storage mechanism.

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