Another Laptop overheating

It’s the hot season here in Bangkok and another one of my laptops shutdown whilst playing a round of Dino D-Day. Investigating found that high CPU temperatures of around 100 degrees C were achieved during the day. But the shutdown happened when the CPU reached 104 Degrees. I installed various utilities to reduce the CPU speed. I tried tlp, cpufreq to no avail but everytime I rebooted the CPU governor was set to performance.

I found out from the following post  that the cpufreqd-deamon in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS overrides other items. I’m using Elementary OS Luna which is based on 12.04 LTS so is affected. Following the solution posted in that post seems to have reduced the temperature!

I Will now try this on my other laptop that was suffering from high temperature in an earlier post and will update this post

It does seem to keep the heat down during non CPU intensive tasks, wish I could get it cooler when running games like Metro: Last Light Civilisation 5 etc. However a new cooling fan under the laptop seems to have solved that one.



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