We’re Back

We’ve been offline for a while after an upgrade of wordpress went wrong; which resulted in no pages being displayed. After several attempts to solve this problem I managed today to fix it by installing an old version of wordpress which at least allowed me to login in to the admin page and then do an update to 3.9.2. As a result I was able to find out that a theme had been corrupted.

So we’ve taken the opportunity to move to a new template – Flat it’s called I hope you like it.

We are now back to being able to posting occasionally.

The latest news is I’ve moved my desktop to Elementary OS 0.3 Freya. For a first Beta it’s not bad. Only small niggles so far, one is slingshot-launcher freezes and prevents anything from working on the desktop. But a quick alt-tab to a console session and killall slingshot-launcher solves that problem!
The greeter background doesn’t change to match the current wallpaper, apparently it does if you log in as a different user. However I only have me on this laptop and it’s not a major issue for me so I’m fine with it.

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