Linking Zapier to Evernote

I’ve just discovered a service called Zapier that allows you to link Evernote to various services and perform tasks. For example this post was created as a note in a folder in Evernote and then posted to WordPress. I’ve also set up Zapier to create calendar entries from notes in evernote. I found this service in an excellent article on running a business using evernote at:
My evernote is structured somewhat differently to that suggested in the article ¬†as the bulk of my evernote is used for holding notes covering reports, product information, emails, images for clients, different services and products for research that I use for my day job. Personal notes are a very small part of my notes. Plus my tagging system is out of control. I have several hundred tags to allow be to filter by service type by client by note type. I must do something to sort out the tagging as it’s so unwieldy now that I don’t use tags to find things. I’ve also had an issue where I have failed to find notes when searching, so I suppose sorting out note titles is the next project. But with just under 6,000 notes that will take a while!
Zapier is pretty good and covers a wide range of services not just evernote, but after the 14 day trial the account defaults to the free acount which allows you to only have 5 zaps and 100 tasks per month, and runs at 15 minute intervals. The next account is $20 per month that allows you to have 3,000 tasks per month and 20 zaps. For me that is expensive as I am not using it for business so cannot claim back but I can see the flexibility of it could allow me to set up more than 5 zaps provided with the free account.
I’m going to keep using this service as so far it looks pretty neat. The only thing I can think of that it lacks is Flickr integration.