Dying Light

Having played Dead Island and quite enjoyed that, although I still haven’t finished it. I have been hankering for this game since it was released at the beginning of last year. I waited until the Steam winter sale before taking the plunge. I wasn’t disappointed. I had to throttle the graphics back and also migrate from a pure Linux system to a duel boot with Windows 10 as under  Linux the game kept crashing causing me to waste hours completing simple tasks. but I run it at 720p and get about 30 fps on my Nvidia GT 650M powered laptop.

The game Dying Light is a Zombie game set in a town called Harran that I assume is located somewhere in the middle east. You play a character called Kyle Crane who is an under cover agent from an organisation called the GRE or Global Relief Effort. You task is to track down a politician who has become a warlord and retrieve a file from him. The game starts off with you being dropped in and the events that lead to you ending up in the Tower with other survivors of a Zombie outbreak. You are given tasks to carry out and you gradually earn the trust of the people in the tower.

The game has the main story but there are plenty of side quests to keep you busy. According to the steam achievements there are 44 of them.

The game has a lot in common with the Dead Island series in the way you raid freshly killed zombies for loot. This could be valuables such as cigarettes or coffee that can be traded for cash at a trader. These traders will sell you items to allow you craft enhancements to your weapons if you haven’t found a particular component by scavenging from corpses. However they do charge a lot. They will also sell you weapons as vastly inflated prices but sometimes you have to go with it. Traders are scattered around the map in safe zones and certain buildings. Traders too come from Dead Island. An interesting approach to getting better items is lock-picking. There are boxes on roofs or in buildings or even the doors to vans that can be picked ranging from easy to very hard. The increasing levels of difficulty require finer control with the mouse to be able to pick the lock. Police vans are the hardest to pick but they sometimes contain guns or ammo.

There is a skill system in the game where completing actions within the game gain you points for different categories: Completing Quests gain you survivor points, Climbing and Jumping etc give you agility points and fighting give you power points. When there set to a certain level they give you 1 point to be spent on a skill in the category you leveled up in. These will give you extra abilities. I was happy to get the ability to kill a zombie by stamping on it’s head. That I used to enjoy in Dead Island and I missed this in Dying Light until I leveled up enough. Other skills I’ve got are using a two handed weapon to thump the ground toppling enemies. And one which is useful when you gain the camouflage skill is to silently take your enemy down from behind by twisting their neck.

The game uses a lot of parkour and there are ramps etc to help you jump up onto roofs, you can scale buildings by leaping up etc. It is done very well, I’m not very good as  I often mis-time my attempts which has seem me fall down several transmission towers. When you die during the daytime you lose survivor points. Sometimes I’ve lost over ten thousand points trying to climb up a transmission tower to collect a collectible. There are collectible items all over the place there are Flags, notes,statues and blueprints to collect. I’m currently at 14 out of 67 of the writing and I’ currently 38% through the story so I’ve got a lot more to collect.

Dying Light then takes a change at night. In the daytime there are various zombies and newly infected zombies called virals who still have human traits and are quick. Plus there are other zombies that spit nasty looking puke like material at you that really damages your health. But at night those are still there but Volatiles come out. These walk around looking out for you once you are caught in their stare the chase is on and you get an insight as to how a fox feels as it is chased by hounds. as one volatile ends up with another joining it and the longer the chase the more join in the hunt. I’ve only got as far as four chasing me but that was bad enough. Fortunately UV light blinds them one of the objects you can obtain is a UV torch and there are flares that emit UV light that temporarily create a safe zone. If one gets you it is pretty hard to fight it off but it can be done.

Currently there is a build up to the new expansion of Dying Light called the Following which is a whole new playing area outside of Harran. The expansion apparently is bigger than the original game.

There is an 11 minute gameplay video by the lead developer on youtube that will give you a feel for it. I’m looking forward to this. It is due to arrive on 9th February 2016.



I’ve included a gallery of screenshots from the game for your enjoyment Below. I’ll try to remember to take more screenshots as I go around and will try to get some action shots! I might have to install some software to take screenshots automatically for me!

I will eventually get around to playing this game online as part of a cooperative game as it is a co-op game really.

There is a companion app available for mobile devices that allows you to complete missions and send items to the main game. This has proved really useful to provide essential supplies to the main game. Although I mistook pistol ammo x 1 to mean one bullet not one box. So I lost about 15 boxes of bullets as I couldn’t hold them in my backpack. and I didn’t see a way to store them in my players stash. It is well worth installing this on your phone or tablet and using it to make life a bit easier in Harran.

I thoroughly recommend this game. It is an engrossing game and the story line is very well written and the voice acting is good and with plenty of things to do and explore such as quarantine zones. I’ve still got a way to go and I’ve got more of Harran to discover. So Good Night and Good Luck.. It’s night time so I’m off to find me some Bolters for their toxic flesh.


Dying light can be purchased via steam here is  the Dying Light Steam Store Page

The games webpage is http://dyinglightgame.com/ and is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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