Fallout 3

I know I’m writing about an 8 year old game. But I’ve only recently come across this when Steam had a recent sale and I couldn’t afford Fallout 4.
But for me it’s really nice to be able to run a game with the graphics set to ultra. The game it’s self is surprisingly engrossing with an interesting story and back story. What is interesting is you get to play some of the back story as you grow up in vault 101.
I’m only a part way through the game. Having only reached a skill level of 11 I feel there is much more to do. I’ve just managed to cause an android to remember he was an android and is now free to choose what he wants to identify as either a human or an android as he now has both sets of memories. I’ve managed to assist with the liberation of Anchorage from the Chinese in a virtual simulation. What fun.

There are also many mods you can get for the game and also others I came across the Nexus Mods website at http://www.nexusmods.com/games/

For me there were some mods that enhanced the graphics to remove the slight green tint to everything which became annoying. These mods came under the name fellout mod. There were a couple to deal with an update and to work with the DLC.
On the site there are many other mods such as new houses for you to own or improvement to existing houses. I like the idea of the one that adds a basement to the house you can get in Megaton where it has lockers that automatically sort your items. I have installed that mod as the lockers in my house were very messy as they got full of stuff that I haven’t got around to selling. The mod installation went quite well although my game kept crashing upon startup, to solve the problem I had to kill poor old Wadsworth my robotic butler. But once the game started I was able to resurrect him with a console command. So at least I can carry on getting bad jokes and purified water. The main problem was that I lost all of the items I had in my locker so had to spend a couple of hours re-adding them. In the mod there is a basement that you can’t get into as you must complete a small quest to obtain a key card. That is quite a slick touch. But once you are in the huge basement you have many lockers with labels such as explosives cabinet, melee weapons cabinet etc. Just inside the entrance to the locker room there is a chest that is the item sorter you put your items in there and it sorts them into the appropriate cabinet. Although putting cigarettes in the medical supply cabinet shows a twisted sense of humour. It doesn’t do food items nor does it handle items from the DLCs that you can play but it does eighty percent of the job. I’ve noticed that weird items get placed in the various cabinets such as toy cars and pain guns I thought this was a problem but it’s not the sorter has loaded the components to make a weapon of that class ready for you to make at the workbench!

I thoroughly recommend this game if you are finding the price of Fallout 4 beyond your reach

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