No Man’s Sky. 

I’m a bit late to start playing this game. The game launched last August. But the overwhelmingly negative reviews on Steam put me off. It wasn’t until a recent sale on Steam for the release of the Pathfinder update which made the game more tempting to purchase. Initially, it was to see what had caused the negative reviews.

It seemed that the reviews were because the game was single player and people were led to believe that it was to have multi-player. For me that it not an issue as I’m not keen on online multi -player gaming. So I dived in to take a look. 

About No Man’s Sky.
No Man’s Sky is a game released by Hello Games in August 2016 for the PS4 and PC. The gameplay consists of exploration through a galaxy comprised of over 18 quintillion procedurally generated planets. 18 Quintillion planets (18,446,744,073,709,551,616 to be exact) and would take 584 billion years to find every planet if you could find a planet every 1 second.
You start crashed on with a broken spaceship that you need to conduct repairs on before you can leave it. You do this by mining resources or picking plants for the required oxides, isotopes, etc. At the start, you have to worry about the fuel for your life support system and mining beam, although the multi-tool which creates the mining beam can be used to mine resources by hitting things in true caveman style. It took me a while and some digging around on the internet to find out you could strike things with the multi-tool when your mining beam runs out of power. Running out of power happens quickly as at the start your multi-tool only has 50% charge to start you off. And this technique is useful at the beginning of survival and permadeath mode where resources for your mining beam are non-existent.

As you walk, run or jetpack around, your life support runs down, and you can only refill this by a compound called Thamium9 found in a type of red plant, or you can use power packs which you can find located in cargo drops around the planet. You refill your mining beam with Thamium9, Plutonium, Carbon or power packs.;

The planet I landed on was a freezing planet where the cold protection kept running down. I didn’t know anything so it was hard going although I eventually worked out that if you went into caves that would stop the heat loss and rebuild your protection.

Trading your mined resources or even made products is an important part of the game as by doing this you can buy better ships. There are several types: “Explorers”,”Fighters”, “Haulers”, and “Shuttles”. Each type has different class ratings from A to C and an ultra-rare S type. I’ve yet to see an S-class starship. You can also purchase freighters which have different numbers of slots up to a limit of 48 slots, which is the highest number of slots for all types of ships. The greater the number of slots the higher the price.

A previous update brought the ability to build bases, which is a good feature as it is nice to have a planet to call home and create something to your liking. My base is currently in its third iteration now. I’ve dedicated a large section to building a farm. Where I’m growing Albumen Pearls which are an expensive item to buy so I’m hoping to get rich quick so I can purchase a freighter, which also acts as a mobile base.

Base building requires you to build specialist terminals and then recruit the suitable specialist from a space station. I got most of the specialists for my base from the space station in my home system. But tracking down a science specialist involved going to a different system. These specialists will assign you tasks to do to unlock a blueprint to build something for your base. You can upload your base to the steam workshop for people to visit if they ever happen to be in the same area as you.

Other aspects of the game are:
Scanning Zoology: There is a part of the game where you need to scan fauna and flora of each planet and upload then to the central database. Each creature you find the game gives you units. If you find all the creatures on the planets, you can get a significant boost to your units, which makes it quite a lucrative task to do. Although tracking down the last couple of creatures can take quite some time.

Milestones: As you go through the game, you are given milestones according to the skill level you’ve completed. These skills cover things such as killing the sentinels, uploading planet zoology, and killing pirates. There are more skills to progress through that I have not covered here. As you interact with the different races, your standing with them can go up and down according to your successes on various interactions with the aliens.

The potential for this game could be vast if Hello Games keep updating the game it will be a great game. Currently, my only annoyances with the game so far are in the photo mode, and the annoyances are:
1) the lack of a dedicated button for the Photo mode. As you often miss the chance to take a good picture as you need to scroll through the quick menu and select Photo mode from there often by the time you have done this the photo opportunity has passed.

2) Photo mode does not hide the menu before taking the photo, often leaving you with the menu bar on your photos if you are in a hurry or forget to hide it, ruining several shots that could be good.

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