Windows 10 – annoying Recommended Update For Your Computer Pop-up

Over the past several weeks periodically I get this annoying pop up saying there is an update for my computer and it says it will install Chromium browser and Yahoo search tool. Various attempts to remove it with malware software removal tools did not work.

I found on a site somebody with a similar problem, and the solution worked. I wish I could link to it but I cannot find the site in my browser history. When I track it down, I will update this post.

This annoying popup was using mshta.exe in C:\Windows\SYSWOW64 making it difficult to locate the source as it only showed mshta.exe in the process list in task manager

The steps to remove this piece of software for me were the following:

1. Open up task scheduler and look at the jobs there, looking for programs that are either in Program Files or Program Files x86 or even C:\users\. I found a program in my Program Files folder that had a random number enclosed in braces; the program was called updaner.exe I assume this was a typo for “updater.exe”. However, it made it easier to identify this as a potentially dubious piece of software.

To find the list of tasks
To open up task scheduler click on the search box on the taskbar and enter task scheduler and start it from the menu that appears. You will need to then click on the task library which will show the tasks and when they are due to be run. For each task, you wish to check click on the Actions tab and in the details column will be the path and program name that will start at that assigned time.

2. Delete the folder containing the program./li>
That was it for me. No more popup so far. I still would like to know how it got into my system as I’m pretty careful with my downloads and only download from recognised locations. I’m going to leave my computer running tonight just in case. But the task scheduler now only shows what appear to be legitimate, tasks.

This problem does highlight a problem with malware removal and anti-virus software. In that this

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