Android Studio Development with Kotlin

I’ve spent the last few days fighting with Android Studio. It is the most frustrating thing I’ve done since last time I used it a couple of years ago. However, I’m getting things sorted out now.
I’m enjoying using Kotlin, it has simplified things a great deal and converting code from Java is easy. Typically for me it saves using:

<Class> name = new but instead using I can use val name = <Class>

But the best is where you import the following

import<widgetname or *>
and you can reference the item on the form by its name. For me it seems much cleaner than the R.findbyID method I’ve used before. However I am really not much of an android developer. I expect someone with more experience will disagree. But am finding that I like Kotlin. At least I don’t need to remember semi-colons!

The project I’m working on involves creating a PDF. This has proved to be a highly complicated issue. With several libraries being way too confusing to work with. I’ve found Gradle┬áreally helps with managing these libraries.




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