No Man’s Sky – Gallery

I’m hooked on No Man’s Sky. I purchased it a while ago when it was on sale after the release of the Pathfinder update. I didn’t know what to expect as the reviews for it were pretty negative. So I took a gamble as it was cheap and launched myself into it. I at first I did not know what to do, but the game grew on me, and I am thoroughly enjoying the game. Which is mainly, to explore a universe consisting of about 18 Quintillion planets (18,446,744,073,709,551,616 to be exact) and would take 584 billion years to find every planet if you could find a planet every 1 second.
What makes the game is is the Photo mode, this mode allows you to take a photo of your surroundings within the game. You can move the camera around in the chosen area, change the time of day and change the lens and apply filters.

Here is my Gallery of No Man’s Sky Photos so far. I’m still trying to get some good ones to print and frame. Enjoy!